Ottawa ShowBox - Megaphono Festival Review

February 2019

Nile Groove getting hot and steamy at The Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa during Megaphono 2019

Up next on the Rainbow stage was another great local act, Nile Groove with their absolutely jammin’ reggae and R&B tunes to get people dancing. They opened with “It Was You” off of their second album Insatiable setting the tone and never looking back. The band was polished, professional and could really groove. Lead singer and songwriter Roxanne has absolutely commanding stage presence. While Roxanne’s voice and moves draw you in and keep you wanting more, the drums and bass players truly lead the band’s flow and move the rhythm forward. Nile Groove got the Rainbow all hot and steamy, fogging up all the windows and filling the dance floor.

Nile Groove: "My Superhero" - Video Review

December 2017 

By Act/One Magazine

Let’s funk things up a bit!! People, I give you Nile Groove! A six-piece reggae, R&B, funk-band with grooves like Marvin Gaye, attitude like No Doubt and skills like The Roots!


I have to say, these guys blew me away! At nine in the morning, I am not happy or awake.. These guys changed that in 3:44 minutes! Their song “My Superhero” did something no one has ever done before, wake me up before lunch!


There is a lot to be said when it comes to Nile Groove, but if I had a gun to my head and had to say only one word, it would be.. Impressive!


The song itself has a grove that even mixes in a bit of rock, and still keeping it true to the reggae, R/&B and funk style. I like it when bands and artist aren’t afraid of experimenting and stepping in and out of their comfort zone.


I love the fact that they let the sax-hook get that much space in the production and I think it plays great against the amazing vocals.

Be sure to check it out:


I had to have a listen to a bit more of their music, and I just have to mention “Here I Am” as well, a great track with an amazing feel to it.

Nile Groove: "My Superhero" - Video Review

December 2017 

By  Brandon Hall

“My Superhero” is a single from Nile Groove off of their second album, Insatiable. First thoughts from the moment this reviewer hit the PLAY button; “Wow! This song is absolutely amazing!”. This song seriously has so many incredible elements in it that, though the level of musicianship may seem simple at the surface, it is truly one of the most well-thought out and musically inclined tracks I have heard in quite some time.

It takes a special group of people who can take influence from various backgrounds of Reggae, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Disco, and Funk and seamlessly draw a line through through all the elements to create one smooth streamlined sonic masterpiece. “My Superhero” strongly borrows a smooth grooving Reggae and R&B feel in the back with stabbing Funk-inspired guitar driving the tune along. Incredibly fiery yet chill Pop and Latin inspired vocals top off this cool, rockin, groovin, melting pot of goodness.

Casual music connoisseurs and critics alike can take a song like “My Superhero” and enjoy it. It’s a smooth song with an incredible groove that will easily catch the attention of and retention of the casual fan, and fellow musicians and critics will appreciate the deep level of musicianship involved in the timing and overall conveying of the blend of so many varying styles.

For it’s incredible sonic artistry, arrangement, level of musicianship, and high replay value, this reviewer offers Nile Groove’s “My Superhero” a powerful 5.0/5.0. You need to hear this song. I know I will be digging deeper into their material as a result of listening to this song, and I believe you will to.

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Nile Groove: “Insatiable” –  Album Review

September 2017


By Jeremy Freeman


Insatiable is the follow-up recording to the 2015 release Uncovered by the Canadian band Nile Groove. Let me tell you, this six-piece ‘tour de force’ does it all – reggae, R&B, soul, ska, funk, pop, jazz and disco and in this latest effort you can definitely hear all these styles. Written and produced by singer/songwriter Roxanne Lecuyer, the songs are described as having “intense lyrical and musical content” and stem from personal stories about the singer’s life.

Some of the songs on the album have that classic reggae tempo, which may remind you of Bob Marley, but Nile Groove brings their own elements of music and style and mixes it up well throughout the recording. “It Was You” and “Sweet, Sweet Love” are songs about love and friendship sung with a very soulful voice and made just right for slow dancing.

“My Superhero” has more a contemporary jazz and funk riffs that have quick, jumpy chord changes, while the title track to the album reminded my a little bit of The Spinners a la 1970s or Al Green – it’s also a hot, romantic number. “Feel My Rhythms” infuses a reggae/ska beat that reminded me of something from The Police, not lyrically, but perhaps it was the guitars, drum beat and sax that did it for me.

“Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad” was my favorite tune because I grew up with a healthy dose of disco music in my parents house. This one has the hallmark sounds I remember from acts such as Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor. “Here I Am” is the flip side to a love song – a break up song and let’s face it, we’ve all experienced at least one. “Ain’t Gonna Stop” was truly a fun song to listen to – funky and upbeat. It had a faster tempo laced with some Latin grooves and worthy of getting on the dance floor for. Lyrically, it’s a positive song about doing what you know is right for you, no matter what others say.

​Nile Groove has a very strong social media presence and their own website too – I would encourage you to visit them and if I’m ever in the Ottawa area where the band is based out of, I’ll be checking them out.

Nile Groove: “Insatiable” –  Album Review

August 2017



Nile Groove, is 6-piece Ottawa-based reggae, R&B and funk band launched in 2012, and featuring Roxanne, singer-songwriter; Salah Adem, drums; Abraham Loboi, bass; Steve Patterson, tenor saxophone; Michael Grewal, piano; and Daniel Grewal, guitar....


Nile Groove, is 6-piece Ottawa-based reggae, R&B and funk band launched in 2012, and featuring Roxanne, singer-songwriter; Salah Adem, drums; Abraham Loboi, bass; Steve Patterson, tenor saxophone; Michael Grewal, piano; and Daniel Grewal, guitar. Following the 2014 release of their first single “Without You”, the 2015 release of their full-length debut album “Uncovered”, the 2017 release of their new single “Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad”, and the brand new second studio album “Insatiable”, comes the single of the title track. Since their debut record, they have been making their mark within the scene with their innovative, hypnotic style. Producing uncompromising music for its international fan base.


Though Roxanne, on vocals, takes center stage, “Insatiable’s” instrumental showcases are of the highest quality as well.  Gorgeously hooky sax playing by Steve sets the bar, and won’t easily get out of your head. The guitar echoes some shimmering lines, with tasty keys and bass from Michael and Abraham respectively, all climaxed by Salah’s sublime rhythmic contribution.

The track highlights the huge sounding, reliable ensemble that has keeps the wheels turning impressively and smoothly. Always able to shift styles from track to track, Nile Groove’s, soul flames burn brightly here showing why this stunning act remains relevant and immediate on each release.

Nile Groove has put out a lot of good music over the years. But this is absolutely one of their best so far, in my opinion. Music, of course, is a subjective, personal thing, but this track just does if for me.

Roxanne deserves special mention, as always. She’s stellar, besides that the fact that she’s decidedly hot, which really does the equation no harm, on the contrary! The chanteuse and her full vocal range can ignite any kind of song anyone throws at her – from reggae to funk, and R&B to soul.

Almost like a band that was making soul music in the 70s, while staying connected with the currents of music prevailing today, Nile Groove bring a unique perspective that’s borne out in their music – capturing the vibe from a generation (or two) ago while making it all sound fresh and new.

Seemingly impervious to the ups and downs that often dog other multi-member acts, after 5 years in the trenches, Nile Groove remains a consistent purveyor of solid, organic rhythms. They never need to go searching for a feel-good groove to put into their songs, because they’re naturals at creating them. Website:

Nile Groove: "Here I Am" - Video Review

August 2017

By Natalie Perez


All the artists and bands of the music scene always get told the same ordeal from all, your music is so fresh, original, creative, and unique, it is like nothing ever tried before, told time and time again. But is any of that wording even legit anymore? Does it still fly within the music scene for all of the artists and bands making it in today's ways of music. Well for the likes of Nile Groove, they are one of Ottawa's hottest acts out of Ontario, that is in Canada. As such, their latest song turned single, made into video is a little number called "Here I Am" off the "Insatiable" album. A track taken the combination of funk, reggae, and r&b to its fullest content, making the track work for itself.

Which it does, if you are a fan of either of these genres, let alone the combination of the three. These genres have never been a fan of my musical sense, as my style lingers in the heavier sense. But do not let that get you down, Nile Groove is still quite the groovy band to not avoid. For "Here I Am", in song and video form is rather entertaining. That is pretty much it for it. It is one entertaining track due to its melody fusion of various genres into one form. The vocal chords on the other hand are done well, they go right along with the music, making it all come together to sound decent, well decently enough.

Nile Groove as a whole really, is one of those acts, that brings to mind others in the mix of these genres, like a little bit of No Doubt, except their style has more ska punk rock tone, rather than the funk tone. But still you can get a similar idea of what Nile Groove is going for when listening in to them. "Here I Am", is just another one of those tracks, you can throw on, enjoy it, then hear perhaps once if not twice more, and then be done with it. Hearing it again every once in a while there after type of deal of a track.

As for how this act Nile Groove is like in terms of being original, and not like any other act in existence in the scene currently, they do this sort of thing in a minature way. Their style has been done before by other acts, but their version of it, just makes them more unique. Like you may have heard their take in other varieties but their own way is just so them. It is like as soon as you hear their music whatever the track, you know it is Nile Groove hands down.

That is what happens when it comes to "Here I Am", in the form of a single song or the video versions. This is who Nile Groove is and what they want to be and do with their music creation. This is a fun, interesting, yet outgoing track that is taking on the likes of all who see and hear it for the first time.

Nile Groove: "Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad" - Single Review

January  2017

By Bryon William - Indie Spoonful

​Canadian group Nile Groove is a stand-out band, offering a fresh sound that encompasses elements of pop, soul, jazz, ska, disco, reggae, R&B and funk . Nile Groove is culturally diverse with six talented members: Roxanne, singer-songwriter; Salah Adem, drums; Abraham Loboi, bass; Steve Patterson, tenor saxophone; Michael Grewal, piano; and Daniel Grewal, guitar. Nile Groove was  featured in Skope Magazine’s “Artists to Watch” for section.  Having achieved a tight sound with sophisticated musicianship, the band's new single, “Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad,”  is a great introduction to their style and talent.

 “Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad” kicks off with some soul, easing in with piano chords accompanied by smooth sax lines and vocalizes. Right from the start you can hear the power and control of Roxanne’s voice, blending seamlessly with the saxophone creating beautiful melodic lines. Once they bring in the addition of percussion, the song really starts grooving and you can feel those reggae roots kicking in. Nile Groove has undoubtedly created an engaging arrangement, up-beat and very exciting to listen to.

"Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad" is about trying to move on, letting go, the inconsistencies of a love that is up and down and the pain and challenges of leaving someone after having been in a relationship for so long. The emotional conflict is shown in the first verse when she sings, “I’ve built my life around/Gave all my love to you/But now it’s time to say goodbye/It hurts me so but it’s true/Cuz time has changed and so have you/My heart aches but I gotta go” showing that she’s moving on but struggling with how it makes her feel. She then emphasizes this with the hook, “Why it gotta hurt so bad,” repeating it three to four times.
Roxanne delivers her vocal lines with an emotive intensity that is refined and smooth. 

Ultimately, "Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad" is an song of empowerment.  Roxanne wrote “Why it Gotta Hurt So Bad” to raise awareness about domestic abuse, open social discussion about this issue and to empower victims to break the cycle. "Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad" is worthy of high praise for it's composition which is both musical and meaningful. Nile Groove delivers this powerful song with beautiful melodies and exciting musicality. Nile groove will be releasing their second full album, performing more shows, and releasing music videos of new material. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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Nile Groove: "Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad" - Single Review

January  2017

By Rebecca Cullen- Exposed Vocals

​There’s a brilliant energy to this track that brings with it a fair amount of nostalgia. The soulful, jazz-infused R&B sound of the 90’s steps up for a moment, and yet on top of this you get a brand new voice to familiarize yourself with, and an undeniably fresh set of lyrics. There are a lot of lyrics in this track; the writer has added a touch of quickness and energy that actually works well in contrast with the laid back vibe of the instrumentation. There soon appears an emotional vulnerability about the song, the title suggests as much but it’s only when you really listen that you can pick up on this emotional energy that reinforces the truth; that it really does hurt, that there’s an honesty here, a real sense of experience, and this is something that many listeners will be able to relate to.

The hook repeats a notable amount of times towards the end of the track, and at first it might sound a little over done, but in respect of reflecting the emotion of the piece, it’s a crucial question, and the repetition again underlines that feeling and is something that relevant audiences will appreciate and understand. The artist’s leading voice has a great sound, it’s never not enjoyable to listen to, and the raw emotion and honesty is something that was occasionally painted over back in the day – R&B was often about the good vibes, not so much the difficulties of love. This alone is something to appreciate, and furthermore, rather than dwelling in the sadness entirely, the music is uplifting and smooth and loaded with positive energy. The combination of elements works well, and it’s great to hear something inspired by a certain genre, yet still true to the artistry of the writer and the performer.

​Rebecca is a Musician and writer from Manchester, UK, with an MA in Song Writing.

The Revue - Gigs, Music, Photography - Show Reviews

March   2017

Nile Groove join forces at House of Targ

By Darren Boucher

​Last week, three of Ottawa’s favourite bands joined together to deliver a fantastic evening of musical entertainment at House of Targ. Riishi Von Rex started the night off right with some no-nonsense rock. This band made an impression during our initial encounter at Ottawa Bluesfest in 2015. Like several years ago, they delivered a solid set and they are well worth checking out when the opportunity presents itself.

​The second act of the night was Bella Cat, who sassily steered the evening in a more soulful bluesy direction. Bella Cat held back nothing as she worked through her set, alternating between sultrily yet playfully dancing on the stage and drawing in the audience.

Winding up the evening and bringing it on a funkier and reggae bend was Nile Groove. Being the band with the largest compliment of artists, they may have been a little crowded on stage, but they brought the evening to a close via an energetic party.

Three bands diverse in musical styles yet united in ensuring the evening was an enjoyable one!

Nile Groove Live Interview - Power of Perception Music Blog Talk Radio USA

March 2016


Nile Groove: "We No Surrender" - Single Review

January  2016

 By JER@SBS sleepingbagstudios

 Uh-oh…do I need to watch how I behave in this review?

Challenge #1: Reggae has rarely, if ever, been my thing…

Challenge #2: Nile Groove is not only a Reggae band…but they’re also directly from the area that I’m just about to head into and call home…Ottawa, Ontario.


Onward we shall go…push play on the new-single from Nile Groove “We No Surrender” and let’s talk some music! I’d normally talk some social-media/bio-stuff…but there’s like, next to no info out there on the band themselves apart from the music. Some musicians prefer it that way…and generally, with Reggae-influenced music and its ever-present sense of unity…quite often that’s the case in this particular genre; no egos involved and all-music made as one kinda-thing.

With a smooth-blend and invitational-sound to their new song “We No Surrender” – these six truly do embody that sound of a unified band making the music they’re most passionate about and love to create. Gentle female vocals provide the lead in Nile Groove…and it looks like somewhere in behind her there’s another five dudes that make the music surrounding her. It’s a good thing that the temperament and sentiments of this band are all laid-back and easy-going…I’m not sure if anyone else out there has done the math like I have but the testosterone-to-estrogen levels don’t seem to quite be even! Yet all the music…the sound, the style, the atmosphere, performances and writing itself all reflect that true-spirit of a band that’s found their groove and really does make their music as a single entity.

Their main-site however, does claim that they’re burning-up the charts already…and you can already see solid-confirmation of that through their various online-reviews and accolades for their recent album Uncovered, which is where “We No Surrender” has been culled from as the lead-single. I’m just saying that burning was a weird word to choose from a writer’s standpoint; I get that the song is moving onto playlists quickly – but the song itself is a slow-burner if it’s burning at all isn’t it? I don’t mean anything bad by that…quite the opposite really – I think “We No Surrender” is as chill as ice when it comes to the laid-back style of the rhythm…so to be burning anything is actually quite impressive.

But perhaps it comes from the fire within. Maybe there’s more to read into it…and I think there is. When you do peek into their social media and posts (and you know that I do!) you’ll see that this is not just merely another song to Nile Groove – this is their anthem for the year 2016! In reading that, I definitely took more time to digest and listen to the lyrics and their empowering, inspiring and uplifting sentiment…the attitude in “We No Surrender” is a confidently defiant one…one that’s ready to surge forward at full-speed and not take no for an answer when it comes to the pursuit of their dreams.

You’ve gotta admire that. Heck – values like that…put forth in an inviting sound/style like this…”We No Surrender” could just as easily become YOUR anthem for 2016 as it did theirs. Standout performances on the saxophone and vocals from Nile Groove really carry the rhythm and melody of this new song with stunning parts written & performed…there aren’t any weak-points – the consistency is solid as concrete within these six contributors & musicians of the band. Overall “We No Surrender” does a great job of blending a light Ska-sound into the mix as it plays throughout…the Reggae vibe is certainly present, but so are elements of R&B and even Jazz. They’ve found a way to bring themselves together…then they found a way to bring the music together…and they’ve done it flawlessly from what I can hear.

And as their music continues to grow, develop, evolve and establish its ever-growing fan-base…you can safely bet that’s helping bring about the most important goal the band has set out to accomplish – which is to bring us ALL together, the music and the people as one.

 Find out more about Nile Groove at their official page at:


Nile Groove Featured in Skope Magazine

April-June Edition 2015


Nile Groove "Artists to Watch"

Skope: At what point in life did you decide to pursue music as a career and not just a hobby?

We knew that music was more than a hobby for us from an early age. It was our passion and our calling. It has guided us in our everyday life decisions to pursue the goal of a professional music career.

Shortly after forming our band, it seemed clear to us that Nile Groove was the medium for attaining that goal. We became ever-more convinced as we began working on our debut album “Uncovered”. And we’ve been committed to continue our pursuit as professional artists ever since.

Skope: When are you most creative and how much time per week goes to music?

Creativity comes to us spontaneously on an individual and collective basis. It also comes to us in all settings: whether inside or outside the band room. We create beats, riffs, lyrics, songs or parts of these, and work on putting our ideas together during our weekly band practices. Since we come from different musical backgrounds, it permits us to blend genres and sub-genres together to create our unique sound.

As the main songwriter of Nile Groove, I have found that my creativity is definitely spontaneous but also extremely consistent. It is a prominent and natural constituent in my daily life. The more experienced I become in songwriting and music production, the more I express myself with ease through my original music. It seems that there just isn’t enough time to write all of my material, especially at the rate is comes.

Between song-writing, band practices, performances, recording, production, and promoting the band, it’s hard to say how much time actually goes in our music. One thing is sure: being an independent band is a full-time gig. One of our daily goals is to focus on at least one aspect of Nile Groove to keep the band moving forward.

Skope: What are you currently promoting the most via an album, tour, single etc?

As we have recently released our original full-length debut album “Uncovered”, our main focus continues to be promoting it live in concert, on the radio, through our social media channels such as: our website, our SoundCloud channel our Facebook page our Twitter channel and our YouTube channel. The album is also ready for purchase through our main digital distributors and

Skope: Will you attend or play any music festivals this summer?

In support of music, our band members will certainly be attending various local and regional annual festivals. As for Nile Groove, we are currently working on booking some summer festivals but they are yet to be confirmed. Other than live performances, our main focus will be on recording and producing our next singles this summer. I will also be focusing on completing the song-writing for our upcoming second original full-length album which will be released in 2016.

Skope: What are you most proud of so far accomplishing in music?

We’re proud of each accomplishment we have achieved since the formation of our band. Every accomplishment, no matter how small, has been instrumental in making bigger accomplishments possible. One of the accomplishments we’re most proud of is bringing our “Uncovered” album to fruition.

Not only has “Uncovered” been the culmination point for our most recent band achievements, but the making of the album, from developing our sound to producing our songs as an independent band has, from its inception, permitted us to grow as a band. Following our successful live CD release event and its digital release though our digital distributors, it continues to grant us recognition as an emerging independent band, both domestically and internationally. It definitely confirms that we are headed in the right direction.

Skope: What is coming up for you & where you at online?

We will be busy continuing to promote “Uncovered”, play live shows, and work on our new original material for our second studio album. We will also begin working on putting together our first Eastern-Canadian regional tour.